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RMIT Travel Grants

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Mobility Activities for credit towards RMIT Semester 1, 2009
Closing date: Friday 3 October, 2008

RMIT University provides Travel Grants to assist students who are undertaking a mobility activity that is for academic credit within their RMIT Program. This can be:

Exchange or Study Abroad
Study Tour
International Industry Placement / Internship / Fieldwork (unpaid only)

Available Funding
Exchange or Study Abroad $2,000
Study Tours $1,000
Placements / Fieldwork / Internships $1,000

Application Guidelines
Please be advised that a limited number of Travel Grants are available, and the process is highly competitive. Students should not rely on receipt of a Travel Grant alone to fund their mobility activity.

Students are only eligible for one Travel Grant during the course of their program at RMIT.

If students are undertaking a Study Tour and then an exchange (or any other combination) they can only apply for one Travel Grant.

All applicants will be emailed the outcome of their submission by Friday 21 November, 2008. Please do not contact the EAO before this date.

Every attempt is made to pay successful applicants 4 weeks prior to the commencement of their overseas program. In some circumstances payment may not be made until the program has commenced.

Payment will only be processed on receipt of proof of acceptance into the overseas program.

Eligibility Criteria
Travel Grants are open to all RMIT domestic and international students enrolled in a TAFE, Undergraduate or Postgraduate coursework program.
All applicants must be enrolled at RMIT at the time of application.
Students on a Leave of Absence not exceeding 1 year can apply for a Travel Grant.
All applicants must have applied for, or be enrolled in, an RMIT international mobility activity as defined above.
Any mobility activity for which a Travel Grant application is submitted must be credited toward a student’s RMIT program.
Students in receipt of ANY other RMIT or external scholarship or financial support will not be awarded a Travel Grant.
Students must not have previously received a travel grant from RMIT Education Abroad for an overseas program.

How to Apply
Complete an RMIT Travel Grant Application Form.
Provide all information as specified on the form. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants will not be contacted for missing documentation.

Download Application Form for Exchange or Study Abroad
Download Application Form for Study Tour
Download Application Form for Placement / Internship / Fieldwork

Lodge your completed application with the EAO by 5pm Friday 3 October, 2008
Education Abroad Office
Building 15, Ground Floor or email eao@rmit.edu.au

Applications cannot be submitted to another location.

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